Gratin with Chinese Cabbage & Bacon

Rich gratin made with Kuze Fuku & Sons Vegetable Umami Dashi Soup Broth.


Serves 2
  • ★Vegetable Umami Dashi (contents of one packet)

  • 250g Chinese cabbage

  • 50g Bacon

  • 10g Butter

  • 1 Tbsp Flour

  • 200mL Milk

  • Cheese (as desired)


Cut Chinese cabbage and bacon into bite-size pieces. Mix flour and the contents of one packet of Vegetable Umami Dashi in a bowl and add milk in two parts. Melt butter in a frying pan and saute cabbage and bacon over medium heat. When Chinese cabbage is cooked, add flour and dashi mixture and mix until thickened. Place combined contents in a heat-safe dish, sprinkle with cheese as desired and bake in a toaster or oven.