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NEW Kuze Fuku & Sons 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Kuze Fuku & Sons is pleased to announce the start of sales of hand sanitizer for individual and professional use!

This Hand Sanitizer is made by St.Cousair, Inc., a food and beverage maker located in Newberg, Oregon. Our company normally produces apple cider vinegar drinks, jams, sauces, and other grocery items for sale online and in regional grocery stores under the brand name KUZE FUKU & SONS.

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NEW Sugar-free Apple Cider Vinegar Juice Drinks!

Kuze Fuku & Sons is pleased to announce the launch of four new juice drinks made with apple cider vinegar. Available in Apple, Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, and Yuzu...

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Meet the Maker at MUJI Portland

Come and meet the creators of Kuze Fuku & Sons on Sunday, February 16, 12pm to 6pm at the Meet the Maker event at MUJI in Portland.

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Every $ For Donation

St.Cousair, Inc., maker of Kuze Fuku & Sons products, recently had the honor of participating in the Soulful Giving Blanket Concert, an annual charity event sponsored by the...

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