Recipes by Chef Jacques Boiroux

Chef Jacques Boiroux

Try some of Chef Jacques' recipes using Kuze Fuku & Sons Sauces!

Kuze Fuku & Sons’ Yuzu Miso Premium Sauce and Yuzu Teriyaki with Ginger Marinade & Sauce are ideal for a number of recipes, adding savory, traditional Japanese flavors to your restaurant’s menu.

To illustrate just how versatile our sauces are, we sought out the help of the renowned French Chef Jacques Boiroux, host of the bi-weekly cooking program, "Chef Jacques," on KIRO TV in Seattle. Jacques is the co-founder of the Seattle restaurant, "Le Tastevin," and later co-owned and served as Vice President of R & D at Metropolitan Market for 15 years.

Chef Jacques’ Recipe Proposals

Chef Jacques has provided us with a number of recipe ideas that can be easily adopted at restaurant chains while maintaining our high-quality flavor and taste profile.

Chef Jacques' recipes feature these Kuze Fuku & Sons products:

Chef Jacques' Recipes