Kuze Fuku Yuzu Rolls

Easy to prepare carpaccio with snapper, ready in as little as five minutes!


Yield: 1 roll
  • Yuzu Miso Premium Sauce as desired

  • Steamed rice 1 cup

  • Sushi vinegar 1 Tbsp

  • Cucumber 1/2

  • Crab sticks 3 sticks

  • Salmon sashimi 8 slices

  • Mayonnaise as desired

  • Sprouts as desired

  • Lemon 1/8


  1. Cut cucumber into quarters lengthwise. Slice lemon into 6 thin wedges.
  2. Mix sushi vinegar with rice.
  3. Spread vinegared rice evenly on rolling mat. Cover with plastic wrap and turn over.
  4. Place crab sticks and cucumbers on top of rice, shape the rolls, and remove the plastic wrap. Place salmon on top of rolls. Wrap in plastic wrap and slice into about 1/2 to 1 inch thickness.
  5. Top with mayonnaise, sprouts, and lemon. Pour on Yuzu Miso Premium Sauce and serve.