Jam and Peanut Butter French Toast

Peanut butter and Kuze Fuku & Sons Strawberry Jam on French Toast. A great breakfast any day of the week!


Serves 2
  • Bread 4 slices

  • Kuze Fuku & Sons Strawberry Jam 2 Tbsp.

  • Peanut butter 2 Tbsp.

  • Cinnamon

  • 3 eggs

  • Milk 1/2 cup

  • Vanilla extract 1/2 Tsp.

  • Maple syrup 2 Tbsp.

  • Butter 1/2 oz. (about 1 Tbsp.)


Spread Kuze Fuku & Sons Strawberry Jam on two slices of bread. Spread peanut butter on two other slices. Make 2 sandwiches from all four slices. Set aside. In a large bowl, blend eggs, milk, vanilla extract, and maple syrup. Dip sandwiches in the egg mixture until well absorbed. Fry in butter on medium heat until brown. Serve with a side of fresh fruit of your choice.