Company Overview

Company Overview

Kuze Fuku & Sons contemporary foods and beverages are made in Oregon by St.Cousair, Inc., the US subsidiary of St.Cousair Co., Ltd., the Nagano-based maker of gourmet cuisine in Japan. St.Cousair was founded by Ryozo Kuze in 1976 from a jar of apple jam that his wife, Mayumi made to serve guests at the ski lodge they were running in Nagano. The jam and many of Mayumi's homemade dishes were greatly enjoyed by their guests. For more than forty years, Ryozo ran the company with a passion for food that offers a charming, homey taste from the freshest and most natural ingredients possible. Customers in Japan can now enjoy St.Cousair products at 150 retail stores across the country.

Carrying on their parents' legacy with the same passion, sons Ryota and Naoki created the KUZE FUKU & SONS brand to bring specialty traditional and modern Japanese food to the USA and to the world. St.Cousair Inc. has invested in a factory in Oregon to be closer to raw materials and to source fresher ingredients for our food products. KUZE FUKU & SONS now proudly brings farm produce to your dining table!

St.Cousair in Japan

St.Cousair in Japan produces and distributes numerous varieties of food and beverages under two specialty brands sold in retail stores located all over Japan.

St. Cousair’s Brand Concept of "Country Comfort" espouses the way of life experienced by our founder, Ryozo, when he visited Normandy, France. There he saw the innovative spirit and pride in the work of the local people, who use the rich, natural resources of the region to create authentic food and wine. St. Cousair’s products are made to embody that lifestyle and tradition.

Kuze Fuku & Co., known as "the Japanese Gourmet Store," is the go-to place for authentic, old-world Japanese cuisine and culinary items.This brand’s lineup of products is created by a large number of regional creators of traditional Japanese delicacies found throughout the Japanese countryside.

St.Cousair's retail stores are found in over 40 prefecures throughout Japan. Jams, sauces and wine are produced at St.Cousair's factory and winery in the town of Iizuna, in northern Nagano Prefecture. Other St.Cousair brand products and Kuze Fuku & Co. products are made by regional culinary craftsmen located througout the country.

As of 2019, the company employs over 800 full- and part-time employees.

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St.Cousair, Inc.

Maker of Kuze Fuku & Sons Products

St.Cousair, Inc., maker of KUZE FUKU & SONS products, is located in Newberg, Oregon, in the Portland Metro Area.


Certified Organic

GMP Including HACCP Principles

St.Cousair, Inc.

8951 NE St. Paul Hwy.
Newberg, OR 97132

For additional information on St.Cousair Inc., visit the company's website

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