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Hongare Dried Bonito Flakes from Makurazaki

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    Made in Makurazaki in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture, the largest producer of dried bonito flakes, accounting for about 70% of the nation's total. Makurazaki is a town known for its dried bonito flakes, where the scent from boiling and smoking bonito overflows into the streets. There are three types of dried bonito flakes: Namari-bushi, which is made by boiling and drying bonito; Satsuma-bushi or Ara-bushi, which is made by smoking bonito; and Hongare-bushi, which is made by repeatedly maturing Ara-bushi while removing water by molding it. This molding process enhances the flavor of bonito flakes and refines their taste. Hongare-bushi contains more umami ingredients and vitamins than other dried bonito flakes, and is considered a high-quality product. Bonito flakes are not only rich in inosinic acid, a flavor enhancer, but about 70% of bonito flakes are protein, which contains all the essential amino acids necessary for life. In addition, inosinic acid has a synergistic effect when taken together with amino acids, further enhancing the flavor.

    Hongarebushi can be used with various recipes, such as okonomiyaki, salads, toppings for tofu, or any dish for health-conscious people who want to add rich umami flavor to their meal. In Japan, it is used for osumashi (clear soup) and chawanmushi (steamed egg custard). Enjoy the flavor of bonito alone or blended with other seasonings.


    INGREDIENTS: Dried bonito flakes


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