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Kuze Fuku 3-Piece Jam & Spread Set【Gift Box Included/Online Exclusive】

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Kuze Fuku & Sons has crafted three mini-sized versions of our popular jams for a gift set!

It is perfect for trial size if you have not tried any of these flavors before! This set includes one mini-jar each of our popular Yuzu Fruit Spread, Strawberry Jam, and Red Bean Spread!

Our Yuzu fruit spread is crafted with natural yuzu juice and peel. It will perfectly match your meal and add a rich flavor to your favorite recipes.

Our Strawberry Jam is crafted with local strawberries grown with farmers' care in beautiful Oregon!

And our Red Bean Spread is made with "anko," a paste made from delicious, sweet adzuki beans, and combined with rich, creamy butter. This spread is a perfect starter to your day!

Type: Gift Set